About Us

What do you get when you mix a night of drinkin’ with a little bit of thinkin’ by someone who has a tinkerin' for tinkerin' with stuff??
You get a good 'ole, home-grown invention that's sure to change the world!
Okay, maybe not the world, but when Russell dreams, he dreams BIG.

This is exactly how MUGGIEZ was born.

In 2009, owner & inventor, Russell Brooks, 

set out to create something fun & different for himself, to use on his own drinks; something
outside the traditional koozie. 

Once he constructed & started using that very first MUGGIEZ, attention & interest started growing almost immediately. Everyone wanted one for themselves or someone else as a gift...there began the incredible demand! As the old homage goes, "the rest is history dear friends".

Each and every MUGGIEZ is made-by-hand, in a workshop Russell not only designed, but built for us & our growing production team. 

We continually work hard to make sure every MUGGIEZ that leaves our production site is as tough & solid as it possibly can be.
We take our product quality control measures very seriously; our standards are extremely high for every aspect of each completed handle. We vow to ensure every MUGGIEZ is comfortable & durable & will hold-up to customers daily uses. 

Every step of production, including print, we proudly take care of in-house; this allows us to be in complete control of our customers orders from start to finish.   

We constantly strive to discover more efficient & convenient pathways to better serve our customers & their mission & to grow our company as well.  

We love doing what we do for you!


MUGGIEZ Universally Fit 




MUGGIEZ aren't just fun, they're Fun-ctional

MUGGIEZ are made tough & built to last 

Made in the USA; handmade

We are a 100% 

--Made in the USA-- 


 MUGGIEZ Fun Facts:

-MUGGIEZ is the ultimate, fits everything, Universal drink handle

-each handmade MUGGIE is built tough in the USA

-flexible and Comfortable non-slip grip

-the high-grade ink we use is long lasting & has a high resistance to abrasions; it's also very durable & long lasting...no chipping, no fading, no peeling


MUGGIEZ keep drinks colder longer; the extreme heat of your hand is contained to the handle so it doesn’t interfere with the temperature of your drinks anymore

​-MUGGIEZ are mildew resistant & will float if dropped in water

-fit in cup holders in your car, boat, golf cart, 4-wheeler, travel trailer, spaceship, etc